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Step 1: Come up with Great Idea ... Step 3: Profit

Deploying Octopress to EngineYard / Orchestra

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When I decided to start blogging I was faced with some choices. The first choice to be made was which blogging software to use. I have had some experience using Wordpress and have never been too happy with it. I have also used Joomla, which I don’t think is too well suited to blogging. I figured I would give Drupal a try. It was ok, but ultimately left me with the same feeling as Wordpress.

Then I discovered something that made me say “Yes, this is it”. That something was Octopress.

The Road to True North PHP … Reflections

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As you may or may not know I have been planning a conference called True North PHP with my friend Chris Hartjes. I wanted to blog about some of my experiences in planning the conference and reflect back on what brought me here. This blog is especially important to me since this is the first time I am organizing a conference and would appreciate all the feedback I can get.